"Skip All" in deployment causes unskippable steps to become skipped

I have a multi-step process with a manual step. When doing a deployment, this manual step cannot be toggled to “Skip”, it is disabled in the UI. However, the “Skip All” option does toggle it to Skip, even though it is disabled. After doing so, I cannot do the deployment, I get a validation error “There was a problem with your request. The action ‘Give users time to log off’ cannot be skipped.” The only way to toggle the manual step back is to use “Skip None”. This renders “Skip All” unusable when you have a manual step.

This isn’t a critical problem, but it would be nice to be able to use Skip All with manual steps.

Hi Nolan,

Thanks for reporting this issue!

I have created a ticket in GitHub to resolve this issue for you.
You can track it using the following link: