Single package to a web farm


I have a query about deploying to a web farm. We have several web servers in each farm environment. When we deploy a package to these servers it appears that each server downloads the package:

Uploading SN.WebApp.1.0.5609.20423 (121,44 MB) to SQ-BLACKROCKS03-ST-35223CE2

Is it possible to push the package once only, and have each relevant tentacle re-use it? Otherwise we are sending 122 MB for each server in the farm.


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately it’s not currently possible to have Tentacles reuse packages, though one workaround might be to put the packages in an external NuGet feed that is hosted closer to the web servers, and then use the “Tentacle downloads the package directly from NuGet” option on your package step in Octopus. This way, each Tentacle would pull down the package instead of Octopus downloading it and then uploading it to each Tentacle.

In Octopus 3.0 we’ve added delta compression support, so when deploying a package, we’ll just send the difference (say, the 2-3 MB of changes) between the previous package and the new package, instead of the full 122MB package. That should be a good long-term solution for this issue.