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I’m having trouble signing into Octo Deploy. I provide my username/password and I get an error msg “The server could not be contacted”. No other information is given as to the problem. I have restarted the Octo service and even rebooted the machine but still can’t login. So, I opened the Octo manager, turned on “Guest access”, refreshed the login page, click “Sign in as a guest” and get the same error.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for reaching out. Couple of troubleshooting questions:

  • Are you using User/Pass or Active Directory login?

  • Could you please try to remote into your Octopus server and login from a local browser? while you do that, please have the Octopus Server manager open and confirm that while you are trying to login, the Octopus service is still running (a big red sign will show up if the service gets stopped)

Let me know how it goes