Showing more than the 3 latest releases in a project's overview

Hi Octopussers!

We’re experimenting with Octopus Deploy in our company but there is something that’s getting in the way. That is the fact that we only get to see the latest three releases in a project’s overview. In fact, I think it actually only shows the latest release (regardless of whether it failed or succeeded) and the last 2 successful ones.

What we’d like to have is to be able to see the last X number of releases for that particular project, and if possible the last X number of failing releases. Often what we what to look at is the failing releases, to try to figure out what failed when, but right now it is not really possible to easily find this out.

Is this something that will be implemented soon in Octopus Deploy?


Hi Tiago,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’m sorry to say that this is not something that we currently have on our radar to implement, but if you want to, please add an idea to our UserVoice and it could be something we add to the product in a future release.

Thank you and best regards,

Fair enough. In the meanwhile we actually found another feature which more or less does what we need. When we go into Tasks, we can see a view similar to what we were initially asking for :slight_smile: so thanks anyway!


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