Show details for active deployments

After queuing a deployment, I want to follow along with progress on a page like /Tasks/Show/123. Right now, the only way I can see what stage or step is being executed, I have to expand the log and try to read it before the auto-refresh collapses it again.

It would be helpful if instead of looking at the log I could see some summary info about the current status, like:

  • Current Stage
  • Current Step

Additionally, it would be even more helpful if I could see which tentacles were currently performing a task, such as receiving a package upload or running an installation.

Finally, the coup de grace would be if a custom powershell script is executing, and that script could send real-time feedback about what its doing.

Any of these updates would be an improvement over the current interface.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the great suggestions.

Including current stage/step is a good idea. I’ll also see what I can do about real-time script output.

The log shouldn’t collapse upon refresh, I’d say that’s a bug - I’ll try to fix it for the next release. What browser are you using?

Displaying what tentacles are doing is trickier though do-able (the information isn’t currently persisted but could be). However this feature might have to wait until 1.0.

I’ve added a trello task (“Improve tasks page”) to track this:


Thanks Paul. I’ve observed the “collapse output on ajax refresh” issue in Chrome and Octopus 0.9.620.4 (beta).