Show all configuration values option?

I’m looking for a easy way to view the configuration variables set using Octopus.Server.Exe configure commands.
Is there a Octopus.Server.exe configure option to show all configuration values?

I looked in the configuration table but that doesn’t have the authentication options stored.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am assuming you are running a 3.x instance of Octopus based on your comment ‘configuration table’ so my response is based off that. Please correct me if am wrong and I will resubmit my response.

Some of our configuration values are global and some local. This doesn’t make a lot of sense for a single instance, but becomes important for High Availability.
Some need to be considered just locally for the instance, thus need to be stored in either the configuration files (c:\Octopus\OctopusServer\OctopusServer.config for your standard instance), the other global settings need to be stored in the database as the cluster needs to behave the same for them. Some we need locally just for certificate reasons or before we access the database. We also store some values in registry keys (such as config file location).

So based off that, to get an overall idea of all picture of your configurations you would need to look at both the database table and the configuration files. We do not have commands for most of them to be retrieved from the command line tool so I don’t have an easy answer for you. You shouldn’t need to worry about the registry values unless you are trying to automate something like decommissioning Tentacle installations.

Hopefully that does help you find the values you are looking for however. Please let me know if my assumptions are incorrect or you have more questions.

Hi Vanessa,
Yes we’re on 3.x. Thanks for the detailed information. There aren’t that many values so I’ll just use the configs and the database as you suggested. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a built in command that I missed in the docs and forum posts.

Thanks for the quick reply!