Should we push or pull after integration?

What should be the life cycle after we complete our integration branch should we push from the build server ?
Or should we just continuously pull from the Octopus ? What is the best practice ?
We have around 40 projects that we are actively working on and using VSO as a build server.


Thanks for getting in touch! This is up to you. Either option will work fine in Octopus. If your aim is automation, right from the moment you build, then pushing from your build server to Octopus is a great option. Octopus can be told to automatically act on packages being pushed to the server. The same applies for Octopus pulling packages from an external repository, however that requires manually adding the package in the UI.

I think the following documentation page outlines the methods used, and will give you some ideas on what may best suit your architecture and current strategies.

Let me know if that helps. If you have any questions here, please feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:

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thanks for the answer Daniel

I am using visualstudioonline and is this step the best way to push the service fabric project to octopus. I know I am out of context, but kind of unsure with service fabric applications. Help would be great.


Thanks for getting back. The Push Package(s) to Octopus step is what you are after here if you wish to push from the build server to Octopus’s built-in repo. Once the package is on the Octopus server, you will then need to create a release. The plugin uses Octo.exe, which we have documentation that includes command-line options for it if you wish to use any of them.

The next link has some basic information on using the Push Package(s) to Octopus step.

In regards to pushing service fabric projects. Octo.exe only deals with packages, so as long as your application is packaged its no different to a regular application in that regards. However, I can provide you with some extra documentation, like the following: Deploying to Service Fabric

Our docs are a fantastic compendium of information, anything you can not find in there, you are welcome to ask away. :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps, or if you have further questions here.

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Once the package is on the Octopus server, you will then need to create a release.

Should we do this from VSO or from Octopus ?
As there is also a step called Octopus release


the reason I am asking the last question is I would like to set up a continuous deployment pipeline and I want things to be neat and simple.

I would like to place it in a process where octopus can coordinate the process the best.

What I have mind is very close to this


If a continuous pipeline is what you are after, the Create Octopus Release step in VSO is a good option. The following documentation has some links which will run you through the basics of doing this in VSO.

Let me know if that link helps or if you have any further questions here. :slight_smile:

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