Shared Steps between projects


I was wondering if this had been implemented in Octopus Deploy

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Hi Carole, no, we dropped this from 2.0 in favour of starting a slightly different “library” concept. Litbrary variable sets should help reduce the duplication between projects that share steps, let me know more about your scenario if you’d like a hand getting this set up.

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Library variable sets sound good, I’ll take a look.

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I still think the shared steps are needed. We have 6 projects setup and they all have 5 or 6 steps that are exactly the same such as emailing a group to let them know the deploy has start, waiting for manual intervention for approval, emailing if something fails, etc.

Agreed. We have multiple projects (~15) containing the same steps, so if one particular step needs changing, we currently need to repeat the change per step for each project. Every project is different of course, but there are a common subset of steps - having these common steps shared across projects would be great.

Thanks for the feedback. We have this ticket under the current milestone: - while not absolutely certain just yet, there’s a high chance we’ll ship this in 2.4.