Several Projects Share Common Assembly Store


I’m trying out Octopus and am curious how to best configure my deployments for my app. I have a lot of assemblies that get shared. However, I currently have scripts that do some shuffling of files so that there’s only one \bin folder for a given server. However, for cleanliness of development, these are all separate csproj’s. What would be the best way to configure Octopus and its Tentacles so I can get the same effect while getting away from custom scripts?


Hi Michael!

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve read over your description a couple of times, and I believe you could achieve the same outcome using the Custom Installation Directory feature in Octopus. This would allow you to deploy multiple packages into the same target directory of the server.

If however you need some files from a package to be deployed in one location, and some files in the same package to be deployed in another location, you could use Custom Scripts as part of your deployment process.

Hope that helps!