Setup Automatic Release Creation for Tenanted Project

Hi Octopus team,

I have no problem creating automatic release creation for regular projects.
I have a project is utilizing multi-tenancy feature, even tho I enabled the automatic release creation, it was able to create the release, but I have to manually deploy it.

Please help.


Hi Jian,

I believe this is related to a known issue.

The comments on that issue detail some possible work-arounds.

We hope to have this resolved soon. We do apologize for any inconvenience.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the help.
Looks like this issue is being there since 6 months ago …
If my issue is same as the one you provide, then this will be a killer bug for me to move forward.

I will look into more details once i have a chance.

Hi Michael,

I am planning to use the Octo.exe to create automatic release as the work around, can you briefly advice me the workflow to achieve the automatic release.

I understand we can run the command to create release, but how do we automatically trigger the command after the new package pushed to the octopus server, etc …

Thanks for your help.


Generally the following steps will occur on your build server (TeamCity, Jenkins, Microsoft TFS, etc).

  1. Compile your application
  2. Package your application, either using OctoPack or Octo.exe pack command
  3. Push the package to Octopus using the Octo.exe push command
  4. Create the release using Octo.exe create-release command
  5. Deploy the release into your desired environment using the Octo.exe deploy-release command

They will all run as part of your build pipeline. We have extensions available for some of the more common build servers (e.g. TeamCity and Microsoft TFS) to make configuring the pipeline above even simpler.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Are there any plans to add Automatic Release Creation for tenants? Trying to get our TFS SCM team to do these extra steps can be challenging. It would be nice to be able to specify a default tenant in our lifecycle for an environment that could be triggered when a package is pushed into octopus with a process out side of our TFS build process.

Hi Branden,

Automatic Release Creation works for a tenanted project. It is the automatic deployment that is currently affected by this issue (I apologize for being pedantic, I just want to make sure we are reading from the same page).

We certainly plan to resolve that issue in the near future.

Note that you likely won’t be able to specify a default tenant for auto-deployment. As mentioned in the issue description, the tenant filter on the channel would be used to select the deployed tenants.

Please feel welcome to comment on the linked GitHub issue if you have any thoughts regarding the implementation.

I hope this helps,