Setting the feed for a step template

I’ve recently been looking into options to keep the step templates on multiple Octopus Servers in sync. While doing this I came across two step template properties:

Is it possible to keep my step templates on a NuGet server, which both Octopus Servers can reference? The properties above seem to imply that, but I could not find anyway to configure this in the Octopus Server UI.

(Note that if you have other suggestions on keep the step templates in sync, I would be interested)

Hi John

Thanks for getting in touch!

Those particular properties are used to specify where to obtain the package in a Deploy a Package step. They don’t have anything to do with step templates.

If you wanted to keep your step templates external to Octopus, you could use the API to push updates into the servers.

Another option you could look at is, which allows you to store Step Templates in Git, run tests on them and push them into Octopus. (I might be a bit biased, as I wrote the original version of this :)).

On our roadmap for this year we have a feature we are tentatively calling “Release Promotions” which will enable you to have separate Octopus Servers (ie, Dev and Prod), and allow syncing between them. This should help in your scenario as well.

Hope this helps!