Setting the Application ID of an IIS application

Today we had a problem with one of our web applications. We have an application that uses ASP.NET Session State. This application is load balanced across multiple machines. We deploy this with Octopus. But on some machines the Application Id were not the same and then Session State across load balanced machines don’t work. This means that only an octopus deploy is not reliable enough.

Is there some setting in Octopus to manipulate this Application ID. Or even better Octopus manages this Application ID.

for more information about the problem see the websites below for the problem and solution:


Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, this is not something we currently have support for. In order to do this, you will need to do some scripting. Sorry that I can not give you more help then that. I can however, direct you to our UserVoice page where you can make a suggestion for this. If you see anything there that you like the looks of, you can also vote and comment with your thoughts.

Link to our UserVoice suggestion page.

If you script this, let me know how you go.

If you have any issues or further question, you are welcome to send them through. :slight_smile:

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