Set tentacle timeout and deployment concurrency

Hi Octo,

I have two questions :

Question 1 : As part of the deployment I restart a server and then the next step is to trigger a deployment onto the same server. However the tentacle timesout after 01:00:00. How can I set the timeout ? At the moment I have a step between these two actions that introduces an artificial delay.

Question 2 : I have two projects that share infrastructure, how do I prevent them from running concurrently ?


Hi Jon,

Thanks for contacting us.
Regarding question 1, I’m sorry to tell you but we currently do not support server restarts during a deployment.
Regarding question 2, we already prevent concurrent deployments against certain shared resources, eg IIS, is your shared resource IIS or something else ?


We have two branches and the first environment is a development test environment used for automated UI testing. Its possible that we two checkins, one per branch and two builds and ultimately two releases for test at the same time. But as the server infrastructure is used for both branches it needs to be exclusively used by one project release at a time.

So im looking for a setting something like “Concurrent project release - OFF”

Hi Jon,

Is your build server TeamCity ? I’m asking because TC allows to restrict builds per project.
At the moment Octopus Server does not have anything out of the box that would allow you to do this, however you probably can do something by creating some custom script steps that sets a Mutex and a later step releases it.