Set IIS Applicatin Pool Start Mode to AlwaysRunning

This has been discussed and answered before, but as that discussion has been closed and refers to non-existing documentation, it would be great if the steps required to configure this could be detailed (again).

I understand that I can run a custom PowerShell deployment step after each IIS Web Application deployment step in my deployment process, but that sounds like a lot of duplication and clutters the process unnecessarily.

Besides you adding a dropdown menu to the “IIS Application Pool” configuration of the “IIS Web Application” deployment step template, what’s the cleanest way to implement this?



Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately we don’t offer this configuration setting out of the box but we have a User Voice suggestion raised by some other user so please go there, vote and add a comment that describes how you would like this feature to work.

In the meantime you could add a [Post Deployment script] ( to your package that configures the app pool. In this way you don’t have to have an additional step for each website.

Please, let me know how you go.