It’s not clear from the documentation but can a Tentacle perform installation of services, or must this be achieved through PowerShell?

And will the configuration transformation step transform app.config files as well as web.config files?

Thanks - great looking product, very interested to trial in our environment

Hi Andrew,

You’ll need to use PowerShell to configure Windows Services. Octopus orginally called InstallUtil automatically, which worked great when installing a service, but it wasn’t so clear what should happen when a service is already installed and needs to be updated and restarted.

The PowerShell script for this isn’t long - there’s an example on this page:


Oh, and yes, app.config transformations will be run. You’ll need to name them “MyApplication.exe.config” however, assuming your EXE is named “MyApplication.exe”. I’ll try to make sure both of these are addressed in the documentation in the future.

Thanks for the feedback,