Service Fabric with Managed Identities


We’re using the Service Fabric Application deployment step and have recently come across an issue whereby the Service Fabric application isn’t registered on which in turn means that any attempts to deploy a Managed Identity using the ARM template defined here will fail because it’s unable to find the navigable resource via Azure Resource API. This could possibly be a change that Microsoft have made which needs to be reflected in Octopus.

The only option that we can think of is to change one deployment pipeline to use ARM templates to deploy, but we do have quite a few Service Fabric applications and it would be time consuming to adjust all of these.

Is this intended behavior?

Hey Colin,

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Thanks for reaching out. Could I please get a bit more information?

Which version of Octopus Server are you running? Could I please get a full task log? For privacy reasons you can privately message the logs to me.


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