Service Fabric step error: ApplicationManifest.xml ($ApplicationPackagePath issue)

I have the same issue. Please tell me there is a way to pass the parameter $ApplicationPackagePath to octopus deploy when it runs the DeployToServiceFabric.ps1 script in the step. I find it hard to believe it cannot be done :frowning: I know you need the package to have everything in the root folder, but, please, help me out :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for reaching out with your question.

Unfortunately you canโ€™t set the ApplicationPackagePath.
Internally, we set it to the directory the package is extracted to.

The best workaround I can think of is following the instructions you have linked to in creating your own DeployToServiceFabric.ps1 and edit the script to add another variable onto the end of ApplicationPackagePath. Then you can set that variable from within Octopus as the relative path you need.

Please get back to me if that suggestion doesnโ€™t help you out.



I will try packaging the solution differently before sending the package to
Octopus, first. Seems easier. Thank you for the reply.

Have a great day!

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