Service could not start after upgrade to 3.5.7

I had to rollback an upgrade last night after attempting to upgrade from 3.4.5 to 3.5.7. Both the server and the tentacle services would not start. I also noticed that the domain account that the service account was previously running under was changed to the local service account. Even after changing the service login account in services.msc it still refused to start. I’ll be trying again with a later version but wanted to check if this was a known issue. Because we’ve been running 3.5.7 on a test server prior to this, though admittedly test was upgraded to 3.5.7 from a later version than 3.4.5.

Also, the upgrade took place after upgrading (with a restart) WMF 4 to 5.


Event log details attached

EventLogs.txt (7 KB)

Hi Danny,

Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like you might have run into this situation:

Is the collation of your SQL Server case-sensitive?

If that’s the case you should upgrade to the latest version of Octopus, or 3.5.9 as a minimum.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. Intersting. The symptom sounds the same but the collation is Latin1_General_CI_AS, so no. It’s not case sensitive. We’ll attempt an upgrade to a later version.

Hi Danny,

Thanks for getting back to me! Just to confirm, is that the collation of the SQL Server or the SQL Database?

Let me know how you go upgrading to a later version.

Hope that helps!

Both. Thanks, I’ll let you know.