"Service Broker" in SQL Server -Migration


Does Octopus require the “Service Broker” feature enabled for SQL Server database?

Essentially, we need to migrate the Octopus’s database to the Azure SQL Database, which doesn’t have “Service Broker” feature, however our existing (on prem) Octopus’s database has this feature enabled.

When I run the compatibility-check (using “Data Migration Assistant” tool) it shows error - advising us to disable the Service Broker in the source database - in order to make it compatible with the Azure SQL Database.

Although in the existing Octopus database, when I looked at the Service Broker section, it doesn’t appear that Service Broker has been implemented, but due to the fact that this feature is enabled (on the existing database), I would like to be absolutely certain that by disabling this feature I won’t break any of the Octopus’s functionalities.

Hence the question, whether or not Octopus uses the “Service Broker” feature of SQL Server.


Hi Eddie,

Thanks for getting in touch, and great question! The short answer is: no, Octopus does not currently use the Service Broker feature of SQL Server, so you can safely disable this setting in your source database, and proceed with your migration to Azure SQL.

If you have any further issues, reach and let us know. Otherwise, good luck!


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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your answer. Really appreciate your help.