Server tasks are blocking other deployments

Good morning,
Recently, when we deploy workers with TopShelf on the same server, we get the following message:

Waiting for the script in task ServerTasks-246435 to finish as this script requires that no other >Octopus scripts are executing on this target at the same time.

As a result all other deployment tasks remain pending for several hours and we are forced to cancel them.

We are in version 2019.10.2, so we must surely take advantage of the patch issue:
Thanks in advance for your answer.
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Hi @q.faure ,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’m sorry to hear you’re hitting this unexpected issue. To help us better understand what could be occurring, would you be willing to send through both task logs (where you’re seeing this message, and from ServerTasks-246435 as mentioned in the message)?

If possible, it’ll also be helpful to grab a PowerShell process dump. The process to get this is outlined in the following page.

You can upload these files on’s support files page (shown below) when logged in with your Octopus ID. If another avenue to upload to is required, I’ll be happy to generate an alternative upload link for you.

I look forward to hearing back and getting to the bottom of this one!

Best regards,