Server scripts failing after upgrade from 3.3.0 beta 0001 -> 3.3.2

I just upgraded Octopus Server from 3.3 beta to 3.3.2. My server scripts are now failing with the following message:

The step failed: The action type Octopus.ServerScript appears to be an obsolete action that is no longer supported. Old deployments that have snapshotted this action type will not run correctly, but new deployments should be successful.

Any and all help appreciated…

Hi Hal,

Thanks for getting in touch! During the beta we changed the on Octopus server scripts to be an option of existing scripts. Your migration should have handled this for the process, but within your snapshot of releases we couldn’t update the step type.
If you create a new release it should fix that error for you. You will not be able to redeploy any releases created while using the beta. If you need the release numbers I would suggest deleting those releases and re-creating them now you have upgraded.

Unfortunately these changes can happen within the beta releases.

Let me know if that helps.

Hi Vanessa,

Thanks for getting back. So the upgrade didn’t take care of this for me. The tasks were failing regardless of the new releases. I figured It may have been a change in the api from the beta so the first thing I did was re-make the tasks. I think I must have had some caching or something though because it allowed my to choose the old server script tasks type and re-create them the old way. Only difference is they showed in the UI without an icon and when opened they showed no body at all. Weird that it allowed that behavior.

Rebuilt them again and it works now.



Hi Hal,

Being Octopus works through a web UI it can have caching problems after an upgrade where a hard refresh usually takes care of it.
So the other script step type is gone now?