Send email when failure guidance needed

Is this possible in the current version of OD?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, you can have an email sent on guidance failure using subscriptions:
You can subscribe to the Guided failure interruption raised event and have an email sent.

Hope that helps!

Perfect! I’ll give that a try in the morning.

I could not find Subscriptions on the Configuration menu, but after some hunting around found it “hidden” in the upper right of the Audit screen.

Please consider adding it as a main menu item on the Configuration menu, so that it’s easy to find/access.

Hi Michael,

As timing would have it, it was added as a main menu item in a recent version and can be found as the docs state.
The docs were then changed but with our new format it isn’t easy to find the difference in version.
They are currently being amended to make it clearer for different versions of Octopus where subscriptions can be found, thanks :slight_smile:


I see is now on the latest version, looks great. Thanks!