"Send an email" Step: Is the email sent from the Octopus Server or the Tentacle Agent?


We are planning/fine tuning our security setup and to help us we would like to know if the email in the built in “Send an email” step is sent from the Octopus Server (in which case we only have one set of configuration to sort out), or whether it is sent from the Tentacle machine.

I read the page at http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Email+notifications but it isn’t overly specific.

I would think that you do run the step from the Octopus Server, but it would be good to get confirmation.


Hi Sean,

Thanks for reaching out! The emails get sent from the Octopus Server. As a rule of thumb, every time you cannot choose from which server you wanna execute something, It’ll be executed from the Octopus Server.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks for clarifying.