Semantic versioning of packages

Based on my understanding of the documentation I have found here:

I can use an MSBuild argument /p:OctoPackUseProductVersion=true along with the AssemblyInformationalVersion tag in the AssemblyInfo.cs file to get a package with a version like ‘1.0.0-beta’.

This works fine until I try to use an asterisk in the AssemblyInfo.cs file to have NuGet ‘generate’ the version number (like i can with AssemblyVersion). Am I doing something wrong? Is this not supported?

I just need a simple way of incrementing the package version while also supporting -alpha, -beta, etc. (to avoid the inevitable collision)

Thank you.

I suppose OctoPackAppendToVersion is the easiest solution. (found shortly after posting)

If there are others please let me know?

Hi Blake,

Thanks for getting in touch. To the best of my knowledge, OctoPackAppendToVersion is indeed you’re best option.


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