Seeming duplication of Nuget packages in target server package cache

Attached you’ll find a screenshot of what looks like duplicate packages in the target server cache.

Why does this happen?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out! Which Octopus version are you running? Are you using the same package in multiple package steps? It looks like it’s the same issue we had pre-Octopus 3.3.11, where it would download the same package more than once if it was part of multiple package steps. We have fixed that issue in 3.3.11.

Kind regards,


Ah, ok. We are running version 3.2.22. We are currently evaluating our next upgrade.


Micheal Schexnayder

Hi Micheal,

Anytime at all! Once you upgrade to 3.3.11 or later you shouldn’t have this problem.

Kind regards,