Scroll bars displayed for tenanted projects

We have recently upgraded to Octopus v2018.7.6 and have encountered something weird going on in the UI for tenanted projects.
Previously tenanted projects would just create a scroll on screen vertically and horizontally. Now for some reason the scroll bars are in the frame of the Overview box. Im using a 27" monitor and I am not zoomed in at all within the browser.
See below for an example of whats going on.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting in touch,

I’m sorry for the inconvinience this appears to have caused, I understand this type of behavior can be frustrating.

I believe this issue relates to the existing Github issue which I’ve linked below;

I’d recommend keeping up to date with the progress of this at the aforementioned link as this will provide the best visibility moving forward.

If you require any further assistance or clarification in the interim, however, please let me know :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


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