ScriptCS Version Update


We’ve encountered an issue while using the Octupus automated deployment, and found out that it is related to the ScriptCS version which Octopus Calamari is using. We would like to use the to use the property ScriptPath and the property LoadedScripts, which where added in ScriptCS version 0.17.0. See

Are there any possibilities, you’ll update the ScriptCS version in the Calamari core version ?

I’ll hope to hear from you soon,

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Hi Wesley,

Thank you for getting in touch. I’ve updated ScriptCS in Calamari, but need run it through our Octopus regression tests and to pass it past the team to make sure we are happy with that change (it introduces a breaking change to those scripts).

In the meantime, you can download that build of Calamari from the links below, and set your server up to use it. Don’t forget to clear out that setting before upgrading your Octopus Server version.

You can subscribe to this issue to find out when/if we ship it in a Octopus Release.

Robert W

Hi Robert,

Amazing! Thank you very much, well use the build provided for now, so we can continue the deployment :slight_smile:

With kind regards,


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