Scoping variables for target with same role AND same environment

Hi all

Probably doing something wrong, but here’s my scenario: we have an application that supports both SQL and Oracle.
Deploying it requires a long series of steps, and a couple of them involve setting the proper connection string.
One of our servers is dedicated to testing this application and it belongs to an environment called QA.

Initially, I was toying with the idea of having 2 distinct roles for this target (WebServer-Sql and WebServer-Oracle), and also had a look at this post:
But I guess the 2 roles would be useless: apart from being non-deterministic, when I deploy a new release to QA it would only hit that target once, whereas I really need to end up with 2 instances, each configured with the relevant connection string.

Am I correct in thinking that the only way to achieve my goal is to split the server into 2 targets (i.e. configure 2 tentacles on it)?

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Hi Paolo,

Thanks for getting in touch!

If I understand your scenario correctly, yes you’re probably best having two separate QA “machines” (even if it’s two Tentacles on the one box). Then if you needed to run different steps depending on platform, you could give one an Oracle role and the other a SQL Server role and scope steps for that role.

Hope that helps!


Thanks heaps Damian, that is exactly what I had in mind - great support! Cheers