Scoped Manual Intervention step causes automatic release creation to fail

We have 3 Environments: DEV / TEST / PROD.
I have a manual intervention step at position 1 which should only execute on TEST and PROD environments (warning of DB Migrations).
After TeamCity pushes the packages to the Octopus repository, a release should be created and automatically released to the DEV environment.

This works as long as I remove the Manual intervention step. When the manual intervention step is present, the release is never created, even though this step should be skipped on the DEV environment. I could add a dummy step at position 1 that does nothing and move the manual intervention step to position 2, but this doesn’t seem nice. Is there a way to make this scenario work?

Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out. Which version of Octopus are you running? tried to reproduce this with those instructions but I wasn’t able to.

Can you also send a screenshot of the “Process” page of your project. I’m interested in seeing the first steps along with the Lifecycle on the right side of the page.


Hi Dalmiro, I got it working, turns out I had the wrong Release creation package step selected in automatic release creation. Thanks!