Scope variables on mainstep instead of child step

When I have a mainstep;

  1. Deploy WebApp
    with child steps:
    1.1 Deply WebApp
    1.2.Do stuff

    1.12 Do more stuff

I also have 25 more mainsteps, each with 12 child steps. I have a variable that change for each mainstep, meaning that each child step in a block should have this value. But as far as I can see, I need to scope this variable for each of the child steps. Which is quite a job… Is it possible to scope a variable on e.g. mainstep 1 and have all the child steps “inherit” this scope?

Hi Gard,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid that is not possible. You can scope variables to specific steps, but you cannot have the child’s inherit the value. I’ve added the sugestion to Uservoice in case other users are also looking for this feature, please put some votes on it if you’d like to see it on future releases.



Thanks! I will definitely vote for this =)