Scheduling deployments (> 14 days)


Why is it not possible to schedule deployments greater than 14 days away?
I have a few projects that recur every 25 days.
I had been using Windows Task Scheduler, and wanted to switch to your internal scheduler.
I have set up a step template that calls octo.exe to schedule these projects.
And I add this as the last step of recurring deployments to get it to redeploy itself in another x number of days
However it is limited to 14 days. Why?
Is there anything supporting greater than 14 days in the future?
Are you likely to include a “recurring” schedule option in the future?


Please note that I did try to look for other such discussions in this forum, but could not find anything. However if there are other such discussions, could you link me to them.



Hi Greg,

Thanks for raeching out. Thanks to your ticket we decided to increase the maximum time to 25 days (yay!). You’ll see this implemented on Octopus 3.0.



Our 3.3.1 version of Octopus still has a 14 day limit. What is the reason for a limit at all?

Hi Tor,

I just tested this in 3.3.10 and you are right, the limit is still 14 days. I’m gonna ask the team what happened here.

RE the reason for the limit: In our experience as developers that help other devs deploy their code, we’ve noticed that nobody schedules a (single) deployment for a date further than 14 days. What you usually do is

A) You have CI deployments for dev/stage, and you manually trigger your Production deployment when everything is set.

B) You know you’re gonna deploy to Production on this weekend or the next one (14days) and so you schedule that deployment.

No one usually knows the exact date and time of a deployment with more than 14days in advance. We feel that giving users the chance to schedule a deployment to lets say 35 days in the future, might lead to ppl forgetting the set this up and having and unexpected deployment.

You can always schedule a deployment to any date from your build server or a windows scheduled task by invoking Octo.exe if you definitely need to schedule something more than 14 days ahead. But from our experience, pretty much no one does that.

Hope that helps you understand our logic behind this design choice.