Scheduled triggers don't run using selected time zone

Running version 2018.4.3. All scheduled triggers are set to use UTC but the deploys run at local time. Octopus server time is also set to UTC but that shouldn’t make a difference.

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Took another look and noticed that this issue doesn’t affect CRON based schedules but it does affect the simple daily schedule with either a single time or recurrence.

We’re noticing the same issue with v2018.4.4. I’m wondering how we even debug or understand why these aren’t running. Currently We’re just using the tasks list to know if the release was created or not.

Hi Isaac and Justin,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I suspect that the issue that you are seeing is related to a known issue. We are working on a resolution now (in fact we have a PR pending review as I type this) so it should be resolved for you in 2018.4.6 which is due out today.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused.


No problem. I knew it was a new feature so I used it cautiously. And once I switched my other jobs to use CRON pattern, they ran as scheduled so I have a workaround. I’m really excited about this feature so thanks for that and thanks for the quick patch turnaround!

Hi Isaac,

As promised 2018.4.6 was released yesterday, are you able to upgrade and let me know if we have gotten on top of the issue?


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