Scheduled trigger redeploying to up-to-date instance/tenant

I created a scheduled trigger to run constantly to promote releases from one environment to another.

Trigger configuration:

Schedule: Runs daily
Interval: Runs every 10 minutes
Start time: Run continuously

Action: Deploy the latest release
Channel/Tenant: X
Source environment: DEV
Destination environment: TEST

Every 10 minutes the trigger runs and it works as expected. It takes the latest release on DEV environment and deploys it to TEST.

The problem:

Regardless if the tenant/target on TEST environment already has the latest release, the trigger will NOT skip and redeploy the latest release over and over again.


What should I do to skip the deployment if the destination environment already has the latest release?

Hi Andre,

Thanks for getting in touch,

At this stage, it’s currently not possible to skip the deployment if the destination environment has the latest release using the Scheduled Deployment Trigger as you highlighted.

Instead, you can use the Deployment Target Trigger and filter this to a specific set of environments/targets using the event filters for Environments & Target Roles, as there is an option to toggle Auto-Deploy tells Octopus;

Do not re-deploy to deployment targets even if they are already up-to-date with the current deployment

I’ve included some links below to our documentation for some additional information on this area, which I’d recommend having a read through;

I hope this helps!

If you require any further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

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@reece.walsh, One additional follow-up to this: Using the Deployment Target Trigger doesn’t work either, as that will run immediately. It seems like a key missing piece from the Scheduled Triggers is to keep targets up to date but only within a specified window.

Is this something that can be added to the backlog?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me,

I had a chat with the team about this in our catch-up, I definetly think it would be a good idea to include the Auto-Deploy (Don’t re-deploy to targets if they are already up-to-date) function within the Scheduled Triggers and can see how this would be valuable.

At this stage, I would encourage you to create a User Voice for this feature, we consider these requests based on Community Support when mapping our internal roadmap.

If you require any further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks Reece.

For anyone arriving here, I created a user voice for this:

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