Scheduled Runbook trigger missing full featured tenant selector


We are in the process of implementing OctopsDeploy Runbooks as replacement for SQL Agent-Jobs as we are moving workloads towards Azure SQL. We make heavily use of tenant tags to group our tenants based on features. In this case we would like the Runbook trigger to only pick up tenants with a certain tenant tag. OctopusDeploy seems to be missing this feature.

Managing tenant features in more than one place (tags and runbook triggers) is error prone and does not scale with additional runbooks and triggers.

Is the full featured tenant selector on the roadmap for Runbooks?

Is there any other workaround besides using a non-tenanted Runbook trigger and querying the OctopusDeploy API for the correct tenants from within the Runbook during execution?

Octopus Server Version: 2019.12.1

Thank you!


Hey David,

We are shaping the next batch of runbook features right now, and being able to create scheduled triggers based on tenant-tags is something we’re hopeful will make the cut.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but just to be as transparent as possible, the only snag currently is around permissions. We’re wrestling with this at the moment.

I don’t believe there is currently a better workaround than the one you describe, unfortunately.

Thank you for the feedback. Hopefully we have a better story in the near future.


As we are adding runbook after runbook we were a little bit disappointed to learn that selecting tenants based on tenant-tags in scheduled runbook triggers apparently ‘didn’t make the cut’ for 2020.3 (Runbooks++).

Is the full featured tenant selector still on the roadmap for scheduled runbook triggers?

We appreciate any updates on this.

Thank you!


Hi David,

I understand why the lack of this feature makes managing tenants painful.
This problem is certainly still on our radar, though we are not working on it at this moment.

I have created a issue, which you can subscribe to for any updates.

We appreciate you reiterating that this is a priority for you.