Scheduled deployment : Task progress


When scheduling a deployment for later, after clicking Deploy, you arrive on a screen showing your scheduled deployment, with a task progress saying that the task has been queued to run in X.

The icon is the deployement scheduled one.
This is normal behavior.

If you currently have other deployments running, they are displayed on this same screen, with the running deployment icon and everything.

This may be a bug, this may not be, but in any case I found this behavior weird and confusing because you just scheduled a deployment which must absolutely not run right now but at the scheduled time, and when clicking Deploy, you see the running deployment icon and kinda freak out.

Freaking out part aside, I don’t see the point of seeing current deployments onto this screen, that’s why I thought it might be a bug.

Is it a normal behavior or not ?

Thank you,
Dorian Guerin

Hi Dorian,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I have managed to recreate this issue.

the GitHub issue:

I will pass these findings onto our engineers to see if we can get this fixed sooner rather than later.

Kind regards,

Hello Ziaul,

Thank you very much, I will follow the issue on GitHub from now.


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