Scheduled Deployment from an automatic release

I was wondering is it possible to automatically schedule a Deployment for a specific time after a release has automatically been created using the automatic release creation and auto deploy function of Lifecycles?
So for example: I build, publish the packages, which triggers the creation of a release, Lifecycle rules detects the release and automatically queues up a deployment for a predetermined time.
I checked the Lifecycles definition and couldn’t see an option for it. Is this something that’s possible or would it be best to use an external tool(TeamCity/TFS) to handle the scheduling?


Thanks for reaching out! The auto-deploy feature will start the deployment right after the deployment reaches the phase. There is no way to set a timeout or schedule this for some other time

What you can do is use Octo.exe deploy-release with the --deployat parameter to create a scheduled deployment

So your process would look like:

  1. Build.
  2. Publish the packages, which triggers the creation of a release. There shouldnt be any environment set as “deploy automatically” on your lifecycle at this point, or a deployment would get triggered right away.
  3. Run Octo.exe after the build to schedule the deployment. The release must be created first, as you need to pass the release number to the command as an argument.

You could of course rely on your build server (TeamCity/TFS) for the scheduling logic. We usually recommend both approaches.

Hope that helps!