Schedule trigger not using latest deployed release

I have a scheduled trigger that deploys the same release to a tenant each time it runs.
This is despite a newer release being available on that environment and in that lifecycle/channel that is deployed to a different tenant.

The project is setup for tenanted deploys only. When our package builds, TeamCity creates and deploys through Octopus to a tenant (TenantA).
The release created in Octopus is for the environment DEV in channel ALPHA.

ALPHA channel specifies a lifecycle with:
Pre-Dev (Optional) -> DEV -> UAT

The trigger specified has:

  • Action - Deploy latest release
  • Channel - Alpha
  • Tenant - TenantB
  • Source Environment - DEV
  • Destination Environment - DEV
  • Re-deploy - True

I would expect this to deploy the latest release available in the Alpha channel with a deploy to the DEV environment.
Instead, it appears to only deploy the last release run on TenantB.

In the mean time, several deploys with higher versions happen on TenantA, and some ad-hoc ones to TenantC/D/E etc…

Is this expected behaviour?

Hi @tkenyon,

Thanks for getting in touch!

In the trigger that you have configured, the Tenant field is being used for both source and destination checks. The release will need to have already had a successful deployment within Channel Alpha to TenantB and Dev.
The intent behind these scheduled triggers is to promote releases to other environments rather than to other tenants, which is why the logic works this way.


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