Schedule the deployments after they succeed in the present Environment

Hello Folks, I am trying to schedule the deployments into Dev, Test, Stag, Prod in such a manner that when the deployment of the patch is done on the dev environment then after the success of deployment in dev I should get the output and then the deployment of patch should be done to next environment i.e Test and the same process goes till deployment of patch is done successfully till Prod environment. Also if the deployment of the patch fails at any stage then it should get the output of failing the patching process and the deployment process to the further stages should get stopped. can you plz help me with this problem about how it can be done??

HI @infogain777,

Thanks for getting in touch! It sounds like you’re after the automatic deployment phases as configured in your project’s lifecycle. With this feature, a successfully deployed release that enters a phase will automatically be deployed to the next environment.

This option can be set on your lifecycle’s phases as shown in the screenshot below.

Let me know what you think or if you have any further questions going forward. :slight_smile:

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