Schedule a Window that blocks deployments

Hi there,

We would like to set time windows on some projects that prevent deploying releases at that specific recurring time window.

I saw a topic that is closed earlier: Scheduled pause in deployments

Putting Octopus in maintenance is not an option because VSTS will fail pushing other projects, that are allow to be deployed, to Octopus.

Are there any other options?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch. We had a think about this, and our suggestion is using a custom script step. Make it the first step in the process and have it check for that time window and fail if the deployment if it’s not in the acceptable time window. The error the step throws will state this deployment should not have been run now.

Just be sure to factor in the timezone for the script step running on Octopus Server in relation to the time zone for the non-deploy-time-window.

You can also make this step specific to an Environment(s) by setting conditions, see our docs here:

Let us know how you go, if this is an ok approach. We have ideas for making it a first class feature in Octopus, but that feature work is not scheduled yet.


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