Save an edited "Deploy release" definition

We will have a project definition with a significant number of Windows Services to deploy across a range of servers.

Sometimes a release is done as a full release (all services). Other times a partial release is done (a subset of services).

For a partial release that is going to production environments, we would like to be able to set up the deployment definition in advance of the actual deployment date.

I navigate to “Releases” / / “Deploy to” / “Advanced”. From here I can include/exclude steps to get to the required partial “Deploy release” definition. I can see that there is a “When / Now | Later” option but I think what I am after is a “Save this release definition for later” option.

If I had a “Save this release definition for later” option, then when I actually come to use it it would be most helpful to then be able to select the target environment.

Is such a thing available or on your develpment backlog? Or would you recomend a different approach?


Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out. We don’t have a “Save this release definition for later” option at the moment, but it is not a bad suggestion. Would you mind submitting it in Uservoice? If enough users vote for it, we might consider doing something about it in the future.

At the current version I’d recommend you to create the release and deploy it at the moment. If you’d like to save some time and avoid having to manually skip the steps right when you have to deploy to production, you can use Octo.exe to create the release and deploy it, while skipping a specific set of steps: . You could write the script to call Octo.exe days before the deployment.

We are currently working to support branches for each project. This way you could have different pre-sets of deployment processes per project. In your case you could have 2 branches, one with a “full” deployment process and another with a “Partial” one.

Best regards,