Running V2.6 and V3.X in parallel?

I have 2 instances of Octopus Deploy, each on a separate server.
On one server I have V2.6, and on another server I have V3.2.13 (the latest, I believe).
Is it possible to install both versions of the Tentacle onto the same target machine?
In this way I can run deploys to the same box from both octopus deploy servers.
Please advise.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for getting in touch! I am sorry to report that this is not a supported scenario. You cannot have two different versions of Tentacle installed at once on a single server.

Is there a specific reason you have projects still running from your 2.6 instance?



Thanks for your reply.

There is no real reason other than our first attempt at migrating to V3 failed, and I have not had time to correct and retry.
However, it does appear that the V3 instance is operational, otherwise, and I was thinking of migrating a project at a time, manually (not ideal, obviously)
Also I have developers who are very keen to get onto V3.2.13 for some features it has.

Anyways, no need to worry, I will just have to work on getting the migration done properly.
BTW, somebody from Octopus Deploy has already verified that they can migrate our copy of V2.6 into a V3 instance.
So it must be something not setup correctly here.

Thanks again.


Hi Greg,

I found the ticket where you were talking to Rob. Have you tried another import since that first time?
I have seen instances of customers reporting errors, then on a second attempt them not being there for some random environmental reason.

I am happy to try to help you through the import process, look at import logs. Manual migration is not a nice alternative.

Let me know how I can help!