Running the Octopus service under a domain account

I have currently deployed Octopus version on a Windows 2008 R2 server. We are looking at having a file based NuGet repository running on a separate file server so I have configured the Octopus service to run under a domain based account.

Do you have a list of permissions that this account would require?, the preference would be not to grant this user Admin rights to any servers. At present I have granted the user Logon as Service right, write permission to the log file and I am receiving this error (Octopus.jpg)

I have run add urlacl and the following is currently configured (Octopus_1.jpg)

Any help would be much appreciated

Here are the images referenced above



You will also need to grant a URLACL for the 10930 port used for the RavenDB database.


I have the same issue where i am unable to run the octopus service under a domain account without making the service account a local admin on the server which is not something i want to do.