Running Steps on the Octopus server on behalf of

So i know that as of 3.3 you can now choose to deploy a step to the Octopus server instead of to a deployment target but there is no documentation on this as ( this doc is still outdated.

I had 2 questions about this
First what service does this run as? Does it just run under the Octopus Deploy Service

Second question is does this process block other things running against the Octopus Server?


Thanks for getting in touch.

For your first question, the step will run as the same user account that the Octopus Service was set up with. As part of the Octopus installation wizard the person installing it would have been given the opportunity to decide which user the Octopus service runs as. It defaults to the System Account. To check your installed instance, on the machine where Octopus is installed go to Services, right click on ‘OctopusDeploy’ select ‘properties’ and have a look at the ‘Log On’ tab.

The answer to your second question is yes. Running steps directly on Octopus Deploy has an impact on how many tasks can be running. Any step running on the server will take up a processing slot which defaults to 5. There’s a configuration option in Configuration > Nodes, that’s called Task Cap, where you can check if it’s still 5 or has been modified.

If the server running Octopus has enough processing resources you can try increasing the Task Cap and see how you go.

There’s a lot of good details here on the permissions documentation page, I always consult it to refresh my memory:

We’ll add some extra info the how-to-run-steps documentation page.