Running powershell script from nuget package failes

Today we have updated octopus service from 2018.3.6 to 2018.3.11 and Now we stuck with problem:
When we deploy project with step ‘Run a script’, catch the error:

E:\Program Files\Octopus\Tentacle\Work\20180409145706-138693-4150\OfxSite.ps1  
: A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'substituteVariables'. 

I added Octopus.Action.PowerShell.DebugMode = true to project variables and saw this strange options

Deployment process does not have any options/parameters for script:

"Actions": [
          "Id": "7f10bf9f-7141-440a-80f6-0f31c1c89c89",
          "Name": "Our cool step name",
          "ActionType": "Octopus.Script",
          "IsDisabled": false,
          "CanBeUsedForProjectVersioning": true,
          "Environments": [],
          "ExcludedEnvironments": [],
          "Channels": [],
          "TenantTags": [],
          "Properties": {
            "Octopus.Action.Script.ScriptSource": "Package",
            "Octopus.Action.Package.PackageId": "Our.Cool.Package.Name",
            "Octopus.Action.RunOnServer": "false",
            "Octopus.Action.Package.FeedId": "#{Nuget.Mfm}",
            "Octopus.Action.Script.ScriptFileName": "OfxSite.ps1"
          "Links": {}

I think that this parameter pushed by Calamari

Hi Andrei,

Nice detective work.

This is a bug, I have raised a GitHub issue that you can track and contribute to:

You may be able to work around this issue adding a variable calledOctopus.Action.UseNewExecutionDispatcher with a value of false.


Hi Andrei,

In the process of shipping a fix for this, it should be fixed in 2018.3.12. Please let me know if it resolves the issue for you.



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