Running Mongo migration script from Octopus Deploy

At the moment Octopus Deploy treats all Nuget packages as deployable packages. We wish to run some Mongo migration scripts which exist in a Nuget package which is given to Octopus via TeamCity, but we don’t really want/need these to be deployed to anything, they just need to run by Octopus Deploy (server) itself. We kind of need a “Download package” step instead of a “Deploy a NuGet package” step which would download the package and allow us to use the contents of this.

  1. Is this a planned feature?
  2. Is it possible to programatically do this now?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We do currently run Azure steps on the server itself so it’s a concept we may expand on in the future, but for now your best option is to nominate a Tentacle for the role of Mongo migrations and run the script from there.

Hope that helps!