Runbooks and Prompted variables

Are prompted variables supported for Runbooks? We are seeing the following behavior.

Octopus Server version 2019.13.0

We have a library variable set with a prompted variable named ‘ChangeRequestNumber’. The variable is set to prompt for a value and is scoped to our ‘Production’ environment.

Our projects use this library variable set. But when we create a runbook and then attempt to run it against ‘Production’ Octopus prevents it with the red bar near the top and a message starting with “Please provide a value for the following variables” thus mentioning the ChangeRequestNumber variable.

But there’s no visible way to provide a value to this. We’ve also tried creating an additional project level variable scoped to production and to that individual run book. Gave it a value and still does not allow us to go through with it.

I’ve just discovered something. I published the Runbook. And now I’m getting prompted for the variable.

So I’ll adjust the question:

Are prompted variables supported for unpublished Runbooks?

Hi David,

Sorry it’s taken me a little while to respond to this one.

This is definitely a bug, we have recently raised an issue for it. If you follow the issue on GitHub you will be notified when we ship a fix.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.