Run portal on another port / virtual directory

I’m running the octopus portal on http://[server]:8080/ but I want to move it to http://[server]:80/octopus/.

Should this be possible from just setting new bindings? If I add the binding

Host - myserver
Port - 80
Vistrual drectory- /ocotopus/

…the windows service won’t start and I get the following error:
The HTTP server could not start because namespace reservations have not been made. Ensure that the current user has access to listen on these prefixes by running the following command(s):
netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:80/octopus/ user=mydomain\myname

If I run a command prompt I can add the url reservation but I still get the same message when trying to start the winservice.

I’ve tried running the service as different accounts but that didn’t work either.

Please advice.


Hi Mattias,

Thanks for reaching out. This error usually shows up when another thing on that server is also using port 80. Is it possible that you have something running on that port already? Most of the times users run Octopus on the same server as their build solution (ie TeamCity), and these by default use port 80 most of the cases.