Run General Script


I have a powershell script that I need to run as the last step in my process (send report to Slack as described in this article),

However, I don’t have any machine roles to assign to the step and octopus seem to require that. – in fact I’m deploying to an azure cloud service.

Also when I select Run Azure Script and select my azure subscription (where I don’t theoretical need), I get the following error:

Hi Mo,

Thanks for getting in touch. Right now, the best solution is to install a Tentacle on your Octopus Server and use that for running steps. As a side-note we will be shipping a new feature in Octopus 3.3 that will allow you to run scripts directly on the Octopus Server without requiring a Tentacle to be installed.

As to your error, this occurs when there is something wrong with the connection to the SQL Server. Is this error reproducible on your Octopus Server today?

Hope that helps!