Run Condition on First Step / Action

Previously, run conditions were only for all previous steps succeed, or if an error occurred. This meant that the first step in a process had it’s run condition options disabled, as it would be impossible for any previous steps to have failed.

With the advent of variable run conditions, it’s possible to have a step be conditional on a prompted variable, or a set variable scoped per-environment. This means that you cannot scope the first step at all.

I understand Uservoice is used for suggestions, but I feel this is a key component left out of the variable run conditions enhancement. It also leads to scenarios where I add a conditional step that later becomes the first step, and it no longer has the condition.

(Currently running Octopus 3.7.14)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch! We agree that Variable based run condition for the first step in the deployment process makes sense. I created an issue so you can track the progress of our work.

Please, let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem.