"Run as" for script steps

Dear Octopus support,

Is it possible to have Octopus run a specific step/script as a different user than the tentacle service user?

I believe Powershell for example is launched in the tentacle user context but we would like to run steps as a specific user to allow windows authentication. We can’t change the tentable service user as we would need several different accounts as opposed to 1 “master” account.

Do you think it’s possible or will there be a future option to allow this?

If this is already answered, apologies as I searched the forum but didn’t find it immediately.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Kr,

Thanks for reaching out! This isn’t possible at the moment, and its also not currently in our radar.

Supporting this scenario would involve quite a code change from our part, so before we decide to work on this, we need to know its something the majority of the community really needs. Would you mind adding some votes in the below uservoice, and maybe a comment describing why you need this feature for your deployment?


Best regards,

Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for the answer.

For those watching, there’s a similar request in the uservoice:

Give it a vote and let’s hope something like this can be added in the future.

Kind Regards,